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seventy-seven 七十七 双语例句 1 And it says they received acceptances from a total of seventy-sevencolleges and universities. 学校网站报道2006年共毕业学生44名,他们一共收到了来自工77所大专院所的录取通知。 2 The slips are made w...

seventy-three美 英 n.〈美〉祝平安网络七十三 1.七十三电子类单词一览表 - 豆丁网 ... twenty-one 二十一 seventy-three 七十三 hundred 百 ...www.docin.com|基于16个网页

seventy-seven 77 请采纳

seventy ['sev(ə)ntɪ] n. 七十;七十个;七十岁;七十年代 num. 七十 adj. 七十的;七十个的;七十岁的 When you get to seventy,you are not so active as you were at fifty. 在你七十岁时,你不可能有你五十岁时那样的活力。

曲名: The Magic Key 歌手:One-T 专辑:NULL Listen up! To my days change my ways This sudden end to my days Makes me wish I\'d changed my ways Spent more time with the posse One-t, nine-t, bull-t, me From up here, life seems so...

What's the brand of seventy


其实有几个解法, 看看下面: 1. 是 2元7毛(当然也可以是说别的币种和它们相关的小额钱币,像元和分、镑和便士)的意思,就是说 “2 dollars seventy cents” 但是日常用语把元、角省略了 2.是数额270的意思,但是也是按日常习惯把百位数(two hund...

You gave me your ring And I'm so glad that I kept on saying Oh no! Not my baby Oh no! Not my sweet baby You're not like those other boys Who play with hearts like they were toys Oh no! Not my baby Oh no! Not my sweet baby Oh no...


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