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我很高兴认识你 英文

很高兴认识你 nice to meet you glad to meet you pleased to meet / know you 以上三种 情景1:你好,贝克先生。很高兴认识你。 How do you do, Mr Baker? Very pleased to know you 情景2:Oh, this is my sister carol. Nice to meet you. 这...

很高兴认识你 的翻译 有好多种 入门级表达: I am glad to know you! I am pleased to know you! 可以略作: Pleased to know you! Glad to know you! 超级表达:It's pleasure for me to make acquaintance of you!(我写书信的时候愿意用这句,...

nice to meet you,too

I am glad to know about you

nice to meet you

Nice too meet you!

Very Glad to know you ! 专业的团队给出最专业的回答 请考虑采纳谢谢你

nice to meet you 是很高兴见到你的意思,是两个人见面时的用语 在信件中说”很高兴认识你”可以用I'm vrey gald to know you 表示

我很高兴认识你-nice to meet you 我也很高兴认识你-nice to meet you ,too 你最近怎么样-how are you?(初次见面) /how do you do ?(较为熟悉) 回答,我很好,你呢。-I am fine ,thank you ,How are you? 再见-See you/Bye.


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