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我很高兴认识你 英文

nice to meet you,too

很高兴认识你 的翻译 有好多种 入门级表达: I am glad to know you! I am pleased to know you! 可以略作: Pleased to know you! Glad to know you! 超级表达:It's pleasure for me to make acquaintance of you!(我写书信的时候愿意用这句,...

很高兴认识你 nice to meet you glad to meet you pleased to meet / know you 以上三种 情景1:你好,贝克先生。很高兴认识你。 How do you do, Mr Baker? Very pleased to know you 情景2:Oh, this is my sister carol. Nice to meet you. 这...

nice to meet you 或者it's my pleasure tn meet you

nice to meet you good to see you glad to meet you

Hi, I'm xx,xx's friend, nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you. 单词会读吧,注意meet you 的连读。

我很高兴认识你-nice to meet you 我也很高兴认识你-nice to meet you ,too 你最近怎么样-how are you?(初次见面) /how do you do ?(较为熟悉) 回答,我很好,你呢。-I am fine ,thank you ,How are you? 再见-See you/Bye.

I am glad to know about you


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